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What is supervision?

What is supervision? It is a process where work is developed in a goal-directed way – goals are set by participants – with the help of a supervisor.

Do you need help finding your purpose in the working life? Do you need more time to discuss work-related issues? To ponder upon the content of work? To discuss and process difficult customer situations? To improve the workplace atmosphere? Is there some other work-related situation or issue that needs impartial supervised attention?

“Supervision facilitates reviewing work-related experiences, emotions and challenges and finding a new perspective to them. Supervision is offered to individuals, groups or organizational. Sometimes Supervision may be provided also via telephone or Skype.

Clearly defined objectives will help Supervision to succeed. Targets are revised during the process. Supervision process generally takes at least a year, 15-20 times, 1-1.5 hours at a time. Recommended supervision interval is once in two to four weeks. Supervision is strictly confidential and supervisor is bound by confidentiality.

According to the ethical guidelines a supervisor acts loyally but impartially with the supervisee and organization.”

(Source: Finnish Supervisors Association)

In addition to confidentiality, voluntary participation and commitment characterize the frame of classical work supervision offered by a trained professional work supervisor.

Supervision is not a one time thing, but continues as a process, aiming to deliver permanent results that leave positive effects also after the process has ended.

For groups, a recommended size is approximately 5–10 people.

The most common interval for sessions is 2–3 weeks, but this can be customized according to the customers’ needs.

Supervision can be used in any field of work. It is useful in all fields of expertise and in different working environments. Work supervision creates a possibility to discuss work-related issues much more in depth, than is usually possible at work.

Supervision is most successful when it is used in a preventive way, but can also be applied with current, urgent issues.

I am specialized in using also art methods in supervision.


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