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Joy of work? One can feel work engagement in every workplace, says researcher Jari Hakanen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Like a beloved child has many names, one calls it flow, the other joy of work and the third work engagement. In many workplaces, and with many people in the working life, joy of work has been lost.

Joy of work is important to both the employee and the employer. How hard it is to go to a job, which one does not do with joy? And how light it feels to go there, if you love it!

Studies by Hakanen show that in expert work an employee who experiences work engagement can return even a hundredfold profit compared to his or hers frustrated colleague.

Specialist field is not the only one that profits from work engagement, it is beneficial in all fields of work.

In The Finnish “Work Health Safety” (Työ Terveys Turvallisuus, issue 2/2013) magazine, Hakanen gives an example of Greek fast food diners which earned more money when the level of work engagement in their staff was higher.

Work supervision strengthens both the individual’s and the workplace’s assets. By recognizing and improving these assets the level of work engagement increases and with it both your energy level and efficiency. Then work is no longer the shackle on your leg, but something that you want to invest in and get more from, than just the paycheck.

Questions for deliberation:

  • Do I feel, that my work is important?
  • When have I last experienced joy of work?
  • What have the outstanding moments of my work life been like?
  • Can I use my full potential at work?
  • Are there some changes going on at my workplace, that afflict me negatively or feel threatening?
  • What does my future look like?

Amongst others these are things you can contemplate and discuss together, with you work supervisor, in individual or group supervision.

Would it be useful to start a periodically meeting work supervision group or groups at your workplace?

A trained work supervisor helps to build a space, where confidential and constructive conversation is possible.

The work supervisor can employ a variety of methods and techniques that help to better perceive, clarify and improve or resolve situations at work, both for individuals and groups. I am specialized in using art methods in work supervision.

Are you interested in work supervision? I offer supervision in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Uusimaa region in Finland. My office is in Helsinki. I can use art methods also in supervision when requested. Ask for an online option if needed.

Who benefits from supervision?

Supervision can be used in any field of work. It is useful in all fields of expertise and in different working environments. Work supervision creates a possibility to discuss work-related issues much more in depth, than is usually possible at work.

Supervision is most successful when it is used in a preventive way, but can also be applied with current, urgent issues.


I am specialized in using visual art methods in supervision. If you want to explore this, I have developed many low threshold ways for you to try them out. Naturally visual art methods are not the only methods used. The facilitation of different conversation methods prioritized and drama methods a possibility, always putting of the context and participant needs first. I do not use any method for methods’ sake.

Supervision online

I provide supervision online (using various applications).

Supervision face-to-face

Face-to-face supervision I provide in Helsinki and other cities in Finland. In Helsinki there is a possibility to meet in my facilities too.

Neemo Coaching

Would you like to schedule a Neemo workshop? Neemo is a facilitation method that uses our smartphones and photography. Read more about Neemo by clicking here.

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