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One can feel work engagement on every workplace, says researcher Jari Hakanen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. In many workplaces and with many individuals this joy of work, or engagement or flow, is lost. Like a beloved child has many names, one calls it flow, the other joy of work and the third work engagement.

Joy of work is important to both the employee and the employer. How hard it is to go to work, which one does not do with joy? And how light it feels to fly there, if you love it!

The study by Hakanen shows that in expert work an employee who experiences work engagement can return even a hundredfold bottom line compared to his or hers frustrated colleague. Specialist field is not the only one that profits from work engagement, it is beneficial in all fields of work. In Finnish Työ Terveys Turvallisuus -magazine (“Work Health Safety”)2/2013) Hakanen states, that for instance in Greek fast food diners they got the more euros the better the level of work engagement was within the staff.

Work supervision strengthens both the individual and the workplace assets. By recognizing and increasing these assets the level of work engagement increases and at the same time both the energy level and implementation are increased. Then work is not the obligatory shackle on your leg, but you want to invest in it, and you get more from doing it, than just the paycheck.

Questions for deliberation:

  • Do I feel, that my work is important?
  • When have I last experienced or experience joy of work?
  • What have the star moments of my work been like?
  • Can I use my full potential at work?
  • Is there some changes going on at my workplace, that burden or feel threatening?
  • What does my future look like?

Amongst others these are things you can think about together, with you work supervisor, in individual supervision. Or would it be useful to start a periodically meeting work supervision group or groups at your workplace? A trained work supervisor helps to build a space, where confidential and constructive conversation is possible. The work supervisor uses different kind of methods, that help to perceive and clarify individual or workplace situations.

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