Johanna Wahlbeck

With more joy of work, more benefits. When was the last time you enjoyed work? More joy and motivation with supervision or Neemo Method!

Johanna Wahlbeck

Finding purpose gives wings to dreams!

I am an art philosopher, service product developer, art therapist and professional supervisor.

I help you find sense of purpose and more joy via art methods.

Or do you need help developing your own services? Consulting is one option.

Online services are also possible.

Contact me today and start a new chapter!

Visual interaction

Art methods in customer work.

You can use art methods in different kind of customer work, even without artistic skills.

I teach you how to use art methods for work or for relaxing.

I also provide art therapy, supervision and Neemo Coaching for groups and individuals.

Wellbeing through art

Whether it is being creative at work, art therapy or an art exhibit, art is healthy.

Are you interested in contemporary art trips? I make it possible with my partners. Also in English, from or in Finland.