Get excited through work supervision and career counselling!

Excitement is based on the experience of things as meaningful, which is one of the most important experiences in life.

Experience of meaning and purpose is the core of all motivation. Without motivation it is hard to focus and without concentration it is hard to learn, without learning one does not evolve.

Excitement gets you moving and motivated. A motivated employee experiences joy at work and is innovative. Creativity is needed for innovation and there is no room for creativity if actions do not start with personal motivation, without experiencing something personally meaningful.

The use of art methods helps to get emotionally invested and more excited! Pictures speak so much louder than only words. I am specialized in the use of art methods.

A work supervisor can awaken the excitement of the supervisees in many ways, for instance by applying methods that deeply remind them of what has excited them in their field in their past. In work supervision work roles can be clarified and one can find reasons why one has chosen their profession. When the conception of the basic tasks and reasons for motivation are clear, the consequence is the experience of meaningfulness and excitement. Work supervision can help you to get motivated about work.

When you get excited you look at yourself and your work from a more motivational point of view. Excitement creates smiles and is contagious.

If you have lost all excitement about your job and you want to find a new career path, career counselling is for you. Sometimes work supervision also changes into career counselling. It is best for all parties, employees and the employer, to have the right people in the right posts.

I offer work supervision in Helsinki and online.

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