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About me 

I am an art philosopher (MA), art therapist and supervisor (STOry) providing also educational services and product development consulting. 


I am specialized in using and teaching art methods and on the other hand contemporary art. I am also a doctoral student in the University of Jyväskylä, in the subject of art education.


I started my company Johanna Wahlbeck Oy in 2014 and begun working as a full-time solopreneur in the Spring of 2016.

Since 2018 the supplementary firm name is Oivallamme Consulting.


I live in and work from Helsinki, Finland. My mother tongue is Finnish and I have spoken English daily since I was a child.

You can find more about me through my social media sites (click on the pink icons below),

and/or you can ask me anything by filling the contact form below or contacting me via email johanna@oivallamme.fi or phone +35840 410 1270.

Scheduling a free 30 minute talk via Skype is also a possibility!

Discussing your preliminary needs of, or interest in, supervision, art therapy, consulting, coaching or training services does not cost anything.



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Customer Feedback:




“As a supervisor, Johanna is inspiring, present in the moment and insightful. The use of art in her guidance, goes under the skin in a good way and touches emotions. This high-quality supervision has enabled my career growth.” (Translated from Finnish)
Sirpa Helenius, from psychiatric nurse to leading psychotherapist 


“A beautiful thank you for all the lessons I have learned from you. Most of all, about your way of facing another person. It’s been great to meet you!! I have told my colleagues that this is the feeling that you should have after supervision. We’ve had a wonderful group, empowering.”
(Translated from Finnish)
Nurse, family therapist, from TATO (supervision with art based methods)


“Whenever you leave from here, you feel at ease.”
(Translated from Finnish)
Customer of Clinical Supervision


Training, workshops and coaching:


“Johanna helped us open our minds to alternative futures through the visual arts method. Through Johanna’s interpretations, it seemed that both the past and the future were involved in building a new kind of systemic approach. The activities where nice and the analysis interesting. The method also worked for a group of more than a hundred people.” (Translated from Finnish)
Liisa Virolainen, The State Treasury


“The training day went by quickly, was well planned and it was what I had expected and even more.” (Translated from Finnish)
Master of Health Sciences


“I can warmly recommend Johanna’s training in art-based methods. I got new tools for my own work and thinking. Johanna’s sparkling and professional way of training got the group excited to learn new things.” (Translated from Finnish)
Taru, Communications Consultant


Image and customer work training:


“The trainer’s qualifications as an expert in both art history and the application of visual art methods, as well as as a visual art therapist, made a strong impression.” (Translated from Finnish)
Image and customer work -training participant, Sisko Väisänen


“With a wistful mind after the end of the training. It was such a lovely group and teacher. I can’t remember if there had ever been anything like it. A rewarding and versatile process in many ways!”
(Translated from Finnish)
Image and customer work -training participant


“A journey to oneself with pictorial methods helps to understand the client in a similar exercise. In this course, we experienced ourselves!”
(Translated from Finnish)
Professional Supervisor


Art Therapy:


“Art therapy was beneficial for my self-understanding. Making a picture helped me to name things and feelings. It was also a liberating experience.” (Translated from Finnish)


“Johanna’s art therapy is an investment in your own well-being and spiritual growth. I gained some really important insights about myself during the six-month therapy period – I perceive the world in a new way. You can really get a lot in a short time if you go into the process with an open and curious mind. I can warmly recommend her.”
(Translated from Finnish)
Satu, Entrepreneur


“I got a lot of help from the art therapy for my current life situation: the art therapy helped me to express both good and painful feelings that were difficult to talk about out loud at the time. Johanna is very present and gives a lot of room for reflection. It was easy to work with her, and I highly recommend trying art therapy with a low threshold if you are interested in this type of therapy.”
(Translated from Finnish)
Female, 22 years, student


Art Trips:


“Everything is already thought out and you can just focus on enjoying the art.” (Translated from Finnish)
Art traveler


“Your style of guidance is abundant and factual. The day was really rich, interesting and offering multiple things, but there was still no sense of hurry. Thank you and your professionalism for this.”
(Translated from Finnish)
Another art traveler


“Just looking at the exhibition wouldn’t have opened up nearly as bare without your skillful introduction, this is exactly the salt and sugar of an art trip.”
(Translated from Finnish)
The third art traveler


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