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Art therapy, art expertise, supervision, training, coaching and consulting in English in Helsinki


About me 

I am an art philosopher (MA), art therapist and supervisor (STOry) providing also educational services and product development consulting. 


I am specialized in using and teaching art methods and on the other hand contemporary art. I am also a doctoral student in the University of Jyväskylä, in the subject of art education.


I started my company Johanna Wahlbeck Oy in 2014 and begun working as a full-time solopreneur in the Spring of 2016.

Since 2018 the supplementary firm name is Oivallamme Consulting.


I live in and work from Helsinki, Finland. My mother tongue is Finnish and I have spoken English daily since was a child.

You can find more about me through my social media sites (click on the pink icons below),

and/or you can ask me anything by filling the contact form below or contacting me via email johanna@oivallamme.fi or phone +35840 410 1270.

Scheduling a free 30 minute talk via Skype is also a possibility!

Discussing your preliminary needs of, or interest in, supervision, art therapy, consulting, coaching or training services does not cost anything.



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