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Why work supervision? What is it good for?

What have supervisees gotten out of work supervision? To list a few examples, here are are some quotes from journalists about what they got out of supervision:

  • new perspectives and ideas for work
  • learned how to analyze work
  • freed of inordinate criticism
  • self-reliance has grown
  • professional identity strengthened
  • increased courage
  • improved communicating skills
  • burnout prevention
  • improved stress management
  • time management got better, no more overtime working
  • boundary between work and leisure became more clear
  • working became easier
  • more patience
  • learned how to manage own behavior
  • ways to develop oneself
  • listing of own values has been useful
  • faith, that change is possible
  • feelings of insufficiency¬†decreased
  • clarity to what one really wants in (work) life

The above quotes of observations by journalist supervisees where listed by journalist Eva-Riitta Seies (translation by me).

In this case the supervisees were journalists. Supervision is beneficial regardless of the field of work.

Source: UJF (The Union of Journalists in Finland)


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