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Evolving is a big asset for individuals and groups.

Companies or organizations cannot be successful without renewal. Without evolving we are stuck and and stop moving forward, but others around us do not stop. The same is true on an individual level.

To be able to evolve one has to get excited, be curious, motivated and learn new things. Evolving also takes time. A change in behavior takes time, it does not happen in a week or two. Continuous haste creates additional demands for taking the time to evolve, because a tired and over-worked brain does not learn easily, and because changing habits takes time, just as it has taken time to create the habits.

It is essential to develop your human capital. Evolving human capital is important on both individual and organizational levels, including education, experience, practical know-how and also growth of psychological capital, which means such assets as self-confidence, trust in the future and realistic optimism. A person with a higher psychological capital is more flexible under changing circumstances.

Can you enhance the evolution of yourself, your organization and community? Yes, with the means of work supervision and art methods.

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