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In the end of March 2019 I graduated as a certified Neemo Coach. I’m one of the first Neemo Coaches and work from Helsinki, Finland. The other home base of Neemo is in Kuopio, Finland and the other in Silicon Valley, USA.

Neemo is a new method that is based on photography. Conceptual photographic artist Nanna Hänninen has developed the method especially for the needs of management and teams.

Neemo Method gets its power from both Nanna’s art and a tool we all nowadays have with us all of the time, the smartphone camera.

This method suits me perfectly because I am specialized in the application of different kind of visual art methods as a supervisor and art therapist and I love contemporary art.

Neemo method graduation picture with Neemo Master Coach artist Nanna Hänninen
Here I’m with artist Nanna Hänninen, the creator of Neemo and Neemo Master Coach, at the Neemo graduation in Kuopio, Finland.

I especially love to take conceptual abstract ideas into practice in our everyday.

The participants do not need to have any earlier knowledge of art or any special skills to participate in the Neemo workshops.

Easy to use, concrete, visual

We use a digital platform that is easy to use during and through-out the Neemo process.

You will get a visual concrete outcome of the process at the end of it. This way the insightful moments will last and it is easy to take the results further.

Why Neemo? Learn more about the method

Read more about the Neemo Method and why you should choose it by clicking here.

Watch videos about Neemo, including testimonials, by clicking here for the Neemo Method Youtube channel.

We can do the whole Neemo process also online if you prefer.


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Official Neemo method picture
Nanna Hänninen: “The necessity of growing up II”.  From the series “Now is Now” (2017)



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